I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it a bunch more, the life of compassion is simple, not easy but simple.

We can do so much more in our quiet presence, being present and attentive to someone than we can with our words. That was the idea this week, just let someone vent and rant.

It’s so simple to be loving, caring and compassionate.

Just shut up and listen.

Simple, just not easy.

giving the fun way

Ok, day two of our non-controversial week of talking about how we spend our money. No one offend yet right? Perfect!

So you’ve given it a try and found it’s not THAT hard to shift some spending in your budget. You can give up a coffee/burger/name brand x without the world ending. Great, we are off and running.

What’s next? How else can we begin to not just want to be more generous or want for all of what we have to be God’s, but actions we can take to build that belief into our actions?

You always ask such good questions!

Here’s an idea that I really enjoyed. It plays off the notion of getting an ‘easy win’. Living compassionately with our money doesn’t have to suck. At times it might but not every time.

Spend some money on compassion in a space that you really enjoy so it’s a positive experience. Do it in such a way that the small shift or stretch in your budget feels fun and enjoyable as opposed to a duty.

Here’s what I mean.

I’m going to go back to the time that Sarah and I hosted a party for our neighbours.

It went really well and I really enjoyed it. But it also wasn’t free.

We’ve done it twice now and every time there has been a cost. We have way more food than we need, beer, wine, pop, the whole gambit of party stuff.

But I LOVE parties! They are so much fun and I enjoy parties a lot. I love spending time with people, eating good food, sharing a drink with friends, I love it all.

So when Sarah and I decided to host the party the money was the easy part. We knew it would cost us money. We knew we’d have to save for a little while to afford doing it but whatever it’s a party!

It was an easy first step. It took exactly zero convincing to get me on board with the spending. I was ready and willing to be generous with all my neighbours because I knew that I was also going to enjoy the spending.

We’ll get into the hard spending, the shifting of priorities, all of that another time. But for today, there is no reason you can’t make your first step into compassionate spending and sharing what your money in community and relationship in a way that’s fun for you too.

Give doesn’t have to suck every time. It can be a load of fun. Do some fun giving to start. We’ll worry about the less fun stuff on Friday.