how I feel doesn’t matter

Check out the two links below real quick.

Link one is to a now old pop punk kind of song. Just listen for 30 sec then you can leave complaining that it’s too loud or that people today don’t understand music or whatever else you may think.

Link two is a cover of the same song and it’s great! So skillful and elegant.

It’s so much about take isn’t it? It’s so much about how you choose to look at something.

Two songs with the same ‘sound’ interpreted an entirely different way. They just looked at the same thing differently.

We do the same with people too.

How easy is it to forget how much perspective matters, how much our choice and filters change who and what we see?

That person is a mess; Loud, obnoxious, unapologetic, and in your face. Or you’re having a bad day and their bright, bubbly personality is too much for you to take.

Think about how two people looked at the same music and experienced and expressed it differently?

When I was getting married my dad gave me some advice on being a good husband. He said I can’t let my day or situation dictate how I interact with Sarah. I don’t get to be short, harsh, or impatient with her simply because I had a bad day.

I choose how I’m interacting and having a bad day doesn’t mean Sarah deserves a jerk for a husband that night.

To that point I choose what perspective I’m taking with people. Do I see God in them? Do I see what God sees in them? Do I choose to love them as they are, to see the skill and elegance of what God has made?

I suppose what I’m saying is a person trying to live a life of compassion will choose to see God in everyone and will then choose to act towards them with grace and love despite how they are feeling that day.

Our expression of love doesn’t change based on how we are feeling and it may help us to live that way if we choose to see people as God does.