I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it a bunch more, the life of compassion is simple, not easy but simple.

We can do so much more in our quiet presence, being present and attentive to someone than we can with our words. That was the idea this week, just let someone vent and rant.

It’s so simple to be loving, caring and compassionate.

Just shut up and listen.

Simple, just not easy.


I like to talk.

I often talk too much.


I have opinions.

I tend to share them too much.


I consider myself helpful.

I often try to fix things when that’s not really the point.


I consider myself intelligent.

I try to be right a lot more than I love.


This week let the people in your life rant and vent all they need to. No fixing or sorting. No opinions or talking. No attempts to render meaning where love is all that’s needed.

Shhhhh…we’re just listening this time.