I plan to use this space to keep a list of my favourites post and some of the posts that really speak to the heart of this blog. It’s not exhaustive but it’s a good start.

Hope it helps


This might suckOnly if | Beauty and brokenness – a good introduction

there will be no justice | gay Christian, straight Christian, liberal Christian, conservative Christian | could you please never mention your rights again? | privilege, homosexuality and the church  –  how privilege has shifted and impacted the work and life of the church

justice, restoration and hell | what if Jesus has nothing to do with hell? | propagating hate for Christ | a hateful God – hell, hate and what it says about us and God

a Christ like church | more than just my feelings | worship is one sided – a church for everyone

giving blood or prayer? | answer your own prayer – what do we do with prayer?

what not to say around death | death and loss | love in a crisis – how to love and interact with people experiencing loss or crisis

love grace slaves and the evolution of God | prayers, songs and hollow words | imagine there is not heaven | the new Easter  – theology and some of it’s implications on our lives

Giving the fun way | Budgets and priorities | it must be money | this might suck: part 2– money, generosity and what does it say about us

stories are great but what do I do?|The uncomplicated can still be hard |relationship is the answer– practical ways to love and be in community

how you feel doesn’t matter |how I feel doesn’t matter | you’re already broken  | how to come and die| deeply held and personal – choices about how we interact with those around us

coffee Thursdays | both ways | because everyone’s watching| blueberry bagels| the beginning – what my dad taught me about love, life and grace

a prayer of rest | a prayer of brokenness | a prayer of compassion – some simple prayers to keep us centered



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